Hornby Island Blues Workshop

May 7th through 11th, 2019

Twenty Years of Blues - 1999-2019

While twenty years is just a drop in the bucket of Blues time, we here on Hornby Island take great pride in saying we have been helping to keep the Blues vibrant and alive on the west coast in that time. These last two decades have been a blast as we have watched and heard students from all over Canada and the US come to our Blues Workshops to learn from all the best Blues and Roots instructors we could talk into coming to teach. We really appreciate the faith that has been shown as every musician who has come here to teach has agreed to do so without a contract, holding faith in our mantra that the entire operations runs on the egalitarian principle that everyone gets one share of whatever revenues we generate. That’s pretty cool if you think about it, that in a world driven mad by cash, that music can still generate such good faith and good vibrations. And here we are once again, this time with a big program of fourteen musicians joining with us and our faithful student disciples in the celebration of our twentieth Blues Week that will rolling out May 4 through May 11. We are planning a big party, some special musical treats and several acts of prestidigitation, conjuring and voodoo that will stun those who attend. Are you coming to the big show? You really should consider it.


2019 Blues Workshop Instructors

Blues Workshop Blues in the School and Community Liaison for 2019
Lisa Rae Simons

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