Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Application Deadline: February 20, 2024

Criteria for HIBS Blues Week Scholarships and Bursaries

Hornby Island Blue Society’s (HIBS) Blues Music scholarship and Banky Bursary were created to inspire apprentice musicians within the Hornby community and beyond to achieve a greater awareness of the dynamic nature of the structure, history and creative components of Blues and Roots music. The funding provides an opportunity for learning in an encouraging and safe environment.


HIBS Blues Music scholarship, Banky Bursary
Preference will be given to musicians under 30 of age but is open to any musician who has demonstrated both an interest and ability in Blues and Roots music. And although preference also will be given to those students who reside on Hornby Island and in other BC communities, the scholarship is open to all aspiring Canadian musicians and is decided on merit and need. Anyone can and should apply. If you qualify and if this Blue Workshop is something you would really like to do, then have your application ready to send to us as soon as it is ready.

Both the scholarship and bursary cover the cost of all classes and tuitions for the Workshop.

Scholarships and Bursaries of up to $1000 will be awarded on an annual basis and disbursed in payments towards class tuitions and travel subsidies.

Scholarship applicants should provide a small sample (one song or three minutes of playing) of their musicianship on a separate disk or provide a link where their music can be heard. If you cannot provide a sample, please provide a written reference from a professional musician.

Banky bursary students simply need to provide a letter that meets the “need” criteria of the bursary in their application letter.

Scholarship and Bursary applicants should apply in January when Hornby Island Blues Week applications are made.

See HIBS Workshops Page for all class instruction and additional information about Blues Week.

Note: Students must provide their own instruments.


Application and Letter:
You must write a brief letter to apply for the scholarship or Bursary. Note: HIBS does not accept applications by email. Letters must be addressed as follows:

Hornby Island Blues Society Scholarship Fund
3500 C Shingle Spit Rd
Hornby Island, BC
V0R 1Z0

Your letter should introduce yourself to us and indicate how the Hornby Blues Workshop will help you advance your interest in Blues music. Make sure you answer the question why you should be considered for this scholarship or the Banky Bursary? Remember to try to be both honest and creative in your application as it will go a long way towards winning a spot. Be sure your letter outlines of your interest in and experience with Blues & Roots music and that you identify the instrument(s) you play and your level of ability (beginner, amateur, advanced).

Note: The Hornby Island Workshop classes are not for someone with limited or no playing experience who just want to learn to play music. To apply for our courses you must have some playing experience and some fundamental knowledge of music. The better prepared you are in executing fundamentals the more you will take away from the instruction.