Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Brandon Isaak - Guitar

Continually recognized as one of Canada’s best new songwriters, Isaak’s love for traditional acoustic blues and vintage “lo fi” guitar sound is well balanced with his showmanship and singing. A talented and insightful Blues lyricist and Maple Blues award-recognized Song Writer of the Year are just part of the accolades he has earned. But just as importantly, having been to our Hornby Workshop before, we can tell you that Brandon brings a ton of humour, goodwill and enthusiasm to everything he does. And whether stirring up the ghosts of the Mississippi Sheiks, shaking it down as the frontman for the jump band The Twisters, or rolling over Piedmont, Gospel or Swing, Brandon’s talent as a player, songwriter and singer are couched in real entertainment.

Unbound by genre restrictions and intuitive in the creation of his sound, Brandon is a key innovator who uses his songwriting ability to enhance his music and inform his stage persona. His guitar work is steadily impressive and his voice captivating. As a multi-instrumentalist he will offer all students who want to know the intricacies of how a song gets forged, the inside track to accomplishing the feat. We are pleased to have him return to our2020 Blues Workshop in this capacity.

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