Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Alfie Smith

Here at the Hornby Blues Workshop we are always on the listen for musicians that we believe will compliment what we do and that is deliver great Blues We then track them down and see if they want this teaching gig. We do have referrals from our previous workshop instructors, of course, and that was how we learned more about Alfie smith who seemed to be flying high under the radar. Once we found our way over to Buster Flat Records and found an album or two, we were stoked that this multi-instrumentalist might want to join our camp.

Alfie is a prolific songwriter, an accomplished performer best known for his resophonic guitars, unabashed vocals and muscular slide. His reverence for Mississippi Blues is evident in his work as is his working-class attitude in performance. And as said he is an exceptional player endorsed by several luthiers including Goodman Guitars and Goldtone Banjos. He has been nominated for a dozen of blues music awards including Best Male Vocalist and Best Guitarist in his home town of Hamilton, and has represented Toronto in the Memphis International Blues Challenge.

What students can expect is a busload of music enthusiasm couched in a bluesman as unpretentious but talented as they come. He has the range to accommodate any student interested in making their stringed instrument sing

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