Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Julian Fauth - Blues Piano

Levels: Intermediate to Advanced

It has been a while since Julian Fauth graced our Workshop with his impeccable piano style. Often working in the masterclass traditions of Pre-war acoustic blues, his individual methodology recognizes the impact of tradition on blues piano. It seems right that when Julian was around seven or eight, he started fooling around on their house piano pretending to be Memphis Slim, pounding the keys and hollering out songs he could barely understand. Today Memphis Slim is still one of Julian’s favorite Blues pianists, though he also likes Roosevelt Sykes. Leroy Carr and Sunnyland Slim.

In the 1990s Julian began jamming in the Kensington Market bars in Toronto confirming for all that those long distant Bluebird Beat players still had a dominant place in contemporary Blues. Now a Juno and Maple Blues winner, I guess you could say he proved himself right. This talented player and composer has toured Cuba, Russia, Germany and North America and here he is once again at the Hornby Blues Workshop. If you are rollin’ your 88 keys and want to put those notes below the bottom C to work, well Julian’s your man. And if you are wondering about Julian’s contemporary blues interests, know that he opened for Johnny Winter, John Hammond and John Mayall so you can expect a class chockful of discovery.

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