Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Jack de Keyzer - Guitar


As we head into our 25th year of the Hornby Island Blues Workshop, we suspect that some of our longevity comes from those instructors who continue to attract full classes, and one of those is Jack De Keyzer. When we get close to announcing our program in the late fall, there are always a half a dozen students who ask Is Jack Back? It has become a bit of an adage.

Most students who have worked with Jack know this: Jack is always in demand as a guitar instructor at our Workshop simply because his total performance involvement, his musical knowhow and his business acumen. The fact that he is one of Canada’s most awarded and in demand live performers and session guitarists also speaks of our interest in him. And, if there is one dominant characteristic of our Workshop instructors is that they are all road warriors and we will tell you that if you wanted to follow Jack around the country on his gigs each year, you would be burnt out by June. Jack is a working musician like so many others; but Jack just seems to be on the road almost eternally. What this means is that he compiles a ton of experience, which translates for our Workshop students into a ton of knowledge. There is so much Jack has to offer not only about playing guitar but also about the mindset of practical matters from building playing confidence to the rituals of practise. Whether headlining shows across Canada, or playing those small town gigs, Jack brings his enthusiasm and energy in equal fashion. If you need a boost in your lead guitar styles, or want to learn a little more stage presence and showmanship, get into Jack’s class and he will take you there.

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