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Jack de Keyzer - Guitar


From the Arctic Circle to Puerto Escondido, Mexico; from Athens, Greece to Hornby Island, BC, virtuoso guitarist, Jack de Keyzer plays the blues worldwide. Jack is always in demand as a guitar instructor at our Workshop simply because his total performance involvement, his musical know-how and his business acumen make him a wanted man. The fact that he is one of Canada’s most awarded and in-demand live performers and session guitarists also speaks to our interest in him. And, if there is one dominant characteristic in our Workshop instructors that we look for, it is that they are road warriors. Now if you wanted to follow Jack around the country on his gigs each year, you would soon be burnt out because Jack is truly a gig-working musician. In fact, it seems that Jack is always on the road playing even on what he calls his holidays. What this means is he has either sold his soul to Old Nick to keep that Fender of his singing or he loves the work of a bluesman. Either way he has compiled a ton of experience, which translates for our Workshop students into a ton of knowledge. There is so much Jack has to offer not only about playing guitar in a variety of genres, but also about the mindset of practical matters from building live playing confidence, to the developing the right rituals of practise. We also love Jack’s enthusiasm because whether heading down to Memphis for the International Blues challenge, or playing that small gig down there in White Rock, BC, he always just gears up for a good time and delivers it. If you need a boost in your lead guitar styles, or want to learn a little more stage presence and showmanship, get into Jack’s class and he will take you there. Warning: Book early.

“If Jack de Keyzer was from Chicago, New York or LA, he’d be famous” Bob Dylan
“The finest blues guitarist in Canada” Jeff Healey

Win: 6 The Corktown Sessions/ Blues Album of the Year 2010
Win: 6 String Lover/ Blues Album of the Year 2003
Nomination: Electric Love/ Blues Album of the Year  2013
Nomination: Blues Thing/Blues Album of the Year 2007
Nomination: Down in the Groove/Blues Album of the Year 2001

Maple Blues Award
Guitarist of the Year 2007,2005, 2004
Entertainer of the Year 2004
Electric Act of the Year 2004
Down in the Groove/ Blues Album of the Year 2000
Blues With A Feeling Award (Lifetime Achievement) 2001

International Songwriting Competition
Honourable Mention “The Way That I Love You” 2010
1st place Win ” That’s The Only Time” 2007

Great Canadian Blues Award
Winner CBC listeners vote 2009
• 2017 The Best of Jack de Keyzer, Vol One
• 2013 Voodoo Boogie
• 2012 Electric Love
• 2009 The Corktown Sessions
• 2007 Blues Thing
• 2006 Silver Blues DVD
• 2005 Silver Blues
• 2003 6 String Lover
• 1999 Down in The Groove
• 1994 Wild at Heart
• 1991 Hard Working Man

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