Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Paul Pigat - Guitar


What kind of music do you want Paul Pigat to play? Blues? Jazz? Gospel? Bluegrass? Punk? Classical? Metal? Rockabilly? Western Swing? Something unique, say Mel Torme meets AC/DC? He could do it, and he could it well, he's that kind of guy. Paul Pigat can play just about every style and technique imaginable, with a modern twist that is both fluid and precise, and is without fail exhilarating in its intensity.

Diversity in a musician is always a bonus, but of course at our 2017 Workshop Paul will narrow the scope for sure, to focus on his brand of country meets bebop blues and traditional delta finger style. With his rockabilly heart and his hobo soul this self admitted guitaraholic is like a pitbull on a bone when it comes to practicing his craft. Having studied at the University of Toronto, achieving a BA in Classic Music Theory, Paul has said that the most important thing he learned was the discipline needed for practicing and digesting new ideas. Paul has had years of experience as a performer. He started out in the bar circuit as a teenager, back in the day when IDing practices were much more lax, but he's also spent years of his career as a teacher, getting great satisfaction helping students understand new musical concepts.

Paul's teaching style is in depth and built upon the principle that it is more important that the student understand the concept of what's going on, rather than just being able to play it. And like the best teachers out there, he knows one is never done learning. So, sign up for a class under the tutelage of this amazingly diverse and versatile guitarist, songwriter and singer, and who knows - maybe he'll even learn something from you!

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Finger Picking!!

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