Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Paul Pigat - Guitar

All levels from beginner's finger style to Intermediate and Advanced.

Whether driving the retro-rock techniques and tones that create his unique rockabilly on Cousin Harley’s albums or sliding over into country blues or western swing, Paul Pigat is the driving force. As an interested student of guitar those of you who have had Paul as an instructor know that he not only can play it but he can illuminate his skill set for others. Once you have had a class or two from Paul you begin to appreciate not just the music, but how to attack its roots, with a raunchy and sometime aggressive style. You also come to appreciate the guitar itself as Pigat is truly a Renaissance man who recues and rebuilds old guitars. He is a complete package at the Hornby Island Blues Workshop whether laying out the path to tight solos or getting those fingers stretched into fluid chord dances, he will take you there and, oh yes, if you ever wanted to master the thumb pick, he is your man for that as well.

As an instructor who is schooled in classical music theory, you may not get any cheater short cuts to becoming a better player, but you will come away with an enriched appreciation of how practise makes perfect. Paul's teaching style is built upon the principle that it is more important that the student understand the concept of what's going on, rather than just being able to play it. And like the best teachers out there, he knows that having some fun while you learn is important to keeping your mind open and focused. So, sign up for a class under the tutelage of this amazingly diverse and masterful guitarist. The quality of the teaching will guarantee many positive results.

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