Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Ricky Paquette

Born in Gatineau Quebec,Ricky Paquette picked up his first guitar at the at age nine and quickly displayed an amazing ability to convincingly play the instrument. By the time he was thirteen, the Ottawa blues community was endorsing Ricky’s rare talent. The Junkyard Dogs, Trevor Finlay, Paul Deslauriers, the Mud Boys were inviting Ricky to sit in at local blues spots. It all reminds us of another guitarist the legendary Stevie Ray Vaugh who picked up his first guitar at seven and was playing in bands by his early teens. Ricky too was on the stage early, learning his road chops, playing in cutting edge bands, dazzling audiences and pushing his destiny to become an amazing performing artist.

With a background of classical guitar training, and a street-smart study of his guitar heroes’ shadings and techniques, Ricky has emerged as a top-shelf blues guitarist. His talents have graced the stages of international performers Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Colin Linden, Frank Marino and CCR. He has been in demand guitarist at home in Canada where he has worked with artists such as Steve Hill, Bob Walsh, Jimmy James, Paul Deslauriers, Guy Bélanger and lately the Angel Forrest band which was when Hornby Blues first heard him at work.

In 2020 Ricky has been invited to join the instructional team for Hornby’s Blues Workshop. We know students are going to really love what he has to offer, and we know that Ricky will give it all he has because that is what he does.

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Blues Rock Guitar

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