Ricky Paquette

Tuesday Minor: Interacting with your band mates. Beginner to Advanced 
This minor will focus on the role of the guitar in a Blues/Rock context.
-  Balance between rhythm and lead guitar
-  Learning when to play and when to hold back
-  Interacting with the singer for melodic trade-offs
-  Interacting with the drummer for a more rhythmic impact

The goal is to help you understand the importance of listening to what’s happening musically and help be in sync with the rest of group. The class will be divided in 3 different contexts
• Full band situation, where you might have a second guitar, keys, horns etc.
• Power Trio, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, etc.
• Solo performer, We will use Robert Johnson as an example for accompanying himself and playing lead between his singing