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Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - Blues Piano

Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne has graced our instructors’ program at the Hornby Island Blues Workshop several times, and every time he is here, he brings his knowledge, warmth and great set of piano skills to our students. This Legendary Blues and Boogie Woogie piano master was inducted on August 9, 2017 into the Boogie Woogie Piano Hall of Fame. He is hailed by Living Blues Magazine as “an artist bringing the piano back to the front ranks of contemporary Blues “. This Juno Award winner and a multi Maple Blues Award winner is at the forefront of modern-day blues piano practitioners. Whether recording in Paris where Memphis Slim served up his blues & boogie, or laying down tracks in St Louis for his own albums, Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne has lived the life to earn his title. As the story goes, after being drawn into the “devil’s music” as a child piano prodigy, Kenny Wayne, by his early teens, was in tight with the burgeoning Los Angeles soul/R&B scene. Wayne quickly not only established himself with the R&B circuits, but also with blues and jazz communities in the US, and soon after in Canada. And as his reputation grew, so did his astute understanding of his piano roots. Here at the Hornby Island Blues Workshop we are indeed lucky to have this man share his blues history and musical vision of how the piano makes the Blues hum.

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