Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Steve Marriner - Blues Harp

If you listened to Canadian Blues in the last two decades then you probably heard Steve Marriner play. Considered by most to be a prodigy blues harp player Southside Steve as he is sometimes known has been blowing away audiences with his talent sine he was 13. Hard to fathom, but it was also then that he also he met guitarist Tony Diteodoro aka Tony D and the two would regularly perform at The Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa’s legendary home of the blues. Of course, as history tells us, these two musicians ten years would later form the amazing blues band Monkey Junk with drummer Matt Sobb.

Though he is one of the best blues harp players in the country, Steve is no one trick pony. As his work with other bands has testified, he is an amazing singer, songwriter and record producer who plays baritone guitar, electric guitar, piano, Hammond organ, upright bass and electric bass. Since 2008, he remains the frontman, singer, one of two guitarists and harmonica player for the Canadian Juno-award winning blues group Monkey Junk. If you look at his award track record, he has about eight Maple Blues awards, seven for Harmonica Player of the Year, and one for Male Vocalist. And, a couple of award handfuls for Monkey Junk work.

We are truly stoked that we will be instructing at the 2020 Hornby Blues Workshop this May, and know that all students, especially those taking harmonica classes, are going to get a first-rate instructional package, as we all bask in some pure blues Marriner energy.

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