Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Jack Lavin

Hi everybody, my name is Jack Lavin and I have been a professional bass player for over 50 years. I was born in Chicago, Illinois (the “Home of the Blues”). I have played with many of the best bluesmen ever to walk the earth and my playing has been endorsed by more than several of them. I have always felt my job was to create a solid and soulful foundation for the person up front to do their thing as best as they can without them having to worry about the bass player dropping the groove, losing their place, or trying to showboat. My approach is simplistic but effective. My class will not be about music theory, the written note or endless scales, but will instead dwell on practical knowledge, common sense and the skills I have learned from a lifetime of playing and bringing out the best from the folks I perform with. We’ll be learning some of the songs most commonly performed at blues jams (I have hosted blues jams for more than 17 years in Vancouver). As well as playing, we will be discussing the history of the electric bass, amplifiers and how to get the best sound from your gear. I will pass on some good advice from a few of the masters I have worked with over the years. We will be talking about how to create your own style from a palette of notes that all work; from the simplest bass lines to some intricate walking patterns, flourishes, endings and soloing. While teaching a group, I will make sure to give each of you personal attention and advice based on where you are presently at in your musical journey.

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