Sam Harrisson

Thursday Minor: The Fine Art of Jamming, all players and singers welcome!
Level Beginner to Advanced.
Once again we’re combining Paul DesLauriers, Lisa Rae Simons and Sam Harrisson’s afternoon classes to delve into what it means to be a successful jammer. Ever wonder how a group of people who’ve never played together get onstage and play like they’ve been doing it together all their lives? We’ll examine the dos and don’ts of getting together with other musicians and making music at the drop of a hat. We’ll be talking about things like calling songs, verbal and non-verbal communication, supporting the singer or soloist, staying out of each other’s register, leading the band, stage presence and the eternally important dynamics. We’ll discuss why respecting the groove and each other is oh-so-cool and fun. Everybody gets to play and/or sing. WARNING: this can become addictive!!!