Sam Harrisson

Tuesday Minor: Hand in Glove with Lisa Rae Simons
Beginner to Advanced. When the bass and drums "lock in" to the groove, the world becomes a better place! These two players have been the backbone to countless world class performers for a combined 60 years plus.... Solid bass and drums create the perfect platter for the featured singers and instrumentalists to "have at 'er". The unsung heroes of any great band, usually in the background, can stand/sit proudly knowing that doing their jobs well often means being UNNOTICED! 

This dynamic class will demonstrate subtleties and power of what makes a groove sizzle underneath the rest of the band. Some elements to be discussed that significantly impact the music include:
- communication between bassist and drummer
- dynamics, the HUGE difference note length and lead hand choice makes
- why bass and drums need to play together as well as off each other 
- developing and increasing intensity throughout the song to give it life
- creating tension for optimal release