Sam Harrisson

Major Class: And the Beat Goes On!
Student Level: Beginner to Advanced. What do drummers Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Art Blakey, Charlie Watts, and Bernard Purdie have in common? They all have amazing shuffles and an understanding of blues music and its roots. This makes me believe that if you can play and understand the blues, you can play any style of music. Our role as drummers is to provide a solid pulse, to play with great dynamics and inject a good dose of drama into a song. This also means listening attentively, supporting and having a musical conversation with our fellow musicians. In order to achieve these goals, we will focus on developing a steady groove, playing appropriate drum fills, and getting a great drum sound at all levels of dynamics through good technique.

Topics :
-Blues forms
-Blues drum grooves :
-Slow Blues
-Rock n Roll
-Train beats
-Drum fills in all styles of groove
-Dynamics on the instrument and within a song
-How to develop listening chops and respect the music and styles.
-Drum techniques (positioning, rudiments, exercices) to achieve our goals