Roly Platt

Major: Fundamentals
In this workshop we will discuss, demystify and demonstrate the most important fundamental information needed for any harmonica player to advance.
Areas covered:
Most common positions and what that means
Tongue blocking vs Lip Pursing (and in this corner....)
Bending botes - how to, how not to, and how to do it better; Playing in tun - "I thought they play in tune automatically??!"  
Not vocabulary - many ways to play a note
Tone - where does it come from?
Understanding a basic three-cord blues using the "Number System"
Basic Blues licks (for beginners)
Playing a set pattern over all three chords (for intermediate/advanced)
Mics, amps, effects - what you need and what to dream about...
Useful tools for learning - stuff I never had :)
Your ears... (the two most important pieces of equipment you'll ever own) - the importance of developing your ear