Lisa Rae Simons

Major: Bass Power
1. BASS POWER: "Without a solid foundation, you'll have trouble creating anything of value"
The power of the root note in any music is vastly under appreciated (no pun intended, or maybe so) Bassists have more power than anybody in the band, yes, even that freakishly awesome guitarist… You can make or break a song, a moment with a single note! As a bass player, we must use this power for GOOD, not EGO!
2. POWER IN NUMBERS: Know this simple system and be in command of any chord progression in any key.
3. ON THE GIG: "Heads up hockey!" We'll learn what to watch for and to speak and understand the lingo and terminology of the blues and music in general... Time is tight in those few moments before count in and instantaneous once we're in the song!
4. PENTATONICS: 2 "Scale Elixers" to create stellar bass lines from the ethers...
5. CHARTED TERRITORY: What to do if you get handed a chart at the gig/jam. It's actually pretty easy!
6. PATTERNS, PATT ERNS, PA TT ER NS: It's all about patterns! Ok, shapes too...
7. SUPERSTRONG STRUCTURE: A tight groove with the drummer is an impenetrable force of nature.
8. IT'S NOT YOU: ....But it is! How to make the soloist sound/feel like a superstar.
9. YOU'VE GOT STYLE, PROGRESS & YOU FEEL GOOD! A look at the most common blues styles, chord progressions, and song structures.