Harpdog Brown (with Jordie Edmonds)

Tuesday Minor
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Blues is a language, and when you have two or more players, it becomes a conversation. That being said, it is very important to everyone in said conversation to understand the ins and outs so to speak. We feel that the strength of that conversation between harmonica and guitar has been lost over the years, and that is what we want to change in our combined afternoon minor classes. We hope to reach out to all guitarists, and harp players who simply have no idea how to direct others in a well-spoken song. “Kinda like learning how to get along instead of just blabbing out what you wanna say, and playing over each other. more like playing in support of one another.”
This is a lost art form, that we, both Jordie and myself hope to re-install in the performance of blues.
Program menu:
1: Dos and don'ts for guitar playing with harmonica
2: Playing solo and rhythm guitar for harmonica
3: How to play guitar for a harp player with no band......Just one guitar, what do you want to do?