Gary Kendall

Major: The Blues and the Bass (For electric and acoustic bassists)
1) 12 Bars, 8 Bars, Turnarounds & Sitting On The One - A complete look at the most common blues song structures
2) The Shuffle, The Walk, The Peddle, The Funky Blues & The 1/5 - The blues grooves…………
3) The Engine Room(Being part of the rhythm section) - Working with the drummer. Working with the piano player. Working with the rhythm guitar
4) Laying The Foundation - Supporting the vocalist . Supporting the soloist
5) Winging It - The Blues & The Common Language. Improvisation
6) Soloing - Getting in and out without losing the groove
7) Tone - It`s in our hands
8) Instruments & amplification - How to obtain the best instrumentation to suit your needs
9) Performing - Feelin`good, lookin` good & playin` good
10) Composition- Writing a song using the bass line as the starting point
11) Learning a song with chord charts and the numbers method