Diana Braithwaite and Chris Whiteley - Voice

Major: From Preparation to Showtime
Our major workshop will cover a wide range of topics related to the wonderful world of singing and performance. Without getting too technical, we will be emphasizing participation and practicality. How to get the best sound from your musical voice by exploring the unique qualities and possibilities that each of us have, then looking at ways to highlight, develop and build the vocal performance from there.

We will cover some basic vocal techniques on how to add some style to your song delivery as well as providing advice on some nuts and bolts basics such as finding your key and choosing the right material to suit your voice. Since both of us have a lot of years combined as performers and vocalists, we have a whole lot of other great tricks of the trade and do’s and don’ts tips to add as well! The best way to improve (and have fun) is to sing as much as you can, and in our workshop, we will keep you singing in a variety of styles from 20’s blues to Chicago Blues shuffles.