Chris Nordquist

Major: Fundamentals of Drum Performance in Blues Music Level: Beginners to advanced
1. Drum set-up / putting everything in the right place.
2. Ergonomics / How to get the most out of the kit.
3. Tuning / Same Kit, but different sounds for different gigs.
4. Common Blues Rhythms / Funk, Shuffle , Rock and Roll, Swing, 2-beats, Country Blues.
5. Common Blues Forms / 8-Bar, 12-Bar, 32-Bar, Open forms and Ballads.
6. Blues Lingo / Pick-Ups, Shots, Stop Times, Trading 4s.
7. Reviewing what we Know.
8. Introducing Fills / Where to fill and When.
9. Cymbals / The most expressive part of the kit.
10. Improvising / When to listen and when to go for it.
11. More Rhythms / Second Line, Boogaloo, Country Shuffle, Flat Tire.
12. Soloing / Playing the form, Trading, What to do in a Bass solo.
13. Dynamics / Using Volume as a tool
14. Some Tricks of the Trade / Getting different sounds from the kit.