Chris Nordquist

Major: Know Your Drum and Play It Well in Three Days
Note: The morning majors will have the luxury of having a fine bass player (Mike Ellerbeck) who last year enjoyed giving the class some context playing the various feels and forms while we work on our stuff.
Day 1
1 . Drum set up, ergonomics, tuning.
2. Where we are at —open playing and dialogue regarding the course.
3. An intro to some basic beats and terminology (Blues Lingo) —shuffle, swing, 2-beats, Latin
4. Playing a 12 bar Form.
Day 2
Playing the Common Blues Forms "Shuffles": Chicago Shuffle, Double Shuffle, 2- Beat, Flat tire Shuffle, Rock Shuffle
Day 3
"More Beats are Better": Bo Diddley beat, Second Line New Orleans beat, Cajun Blues and some fun playing