Samantha Martin - Vocals

Major: FUN-dementals 
It's always best to start at the beginning, and that is understanding the physical mechanics of the voice and how it all works. We will start each class with vocal warm ups and end with cool downs. From there we will be learning our vocal range and the difference between your head voice, chest voice and how to mix the two. We are going to work on individual vocal issues that many singers contend with. This is a chance to let me know what exactly you are struggling with (Do you lose your voice a lot, do you find your voice too thin, does it hurt when you sing, do you want to expand your vocal range in either direction?). We will also be assessing your individual strengths as a vocalist and working on bringing out the best in your vocal performances both as an individual and in a group! We will be taking turns with lead vocals, harmonies and backups!