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Paul Deslauriers - Guitar

2015 Maple Blues nominee for Guitar Player of the Year


A virtuoso on both electric and acoustic guitars, Paul Deslauriers (pronounced “day-loree-ay”) is part of Canada’s guitar elite and is considered one of Quebec’s musical treasurers. The Hornby Blues has had a long affair with Paul who returns to our Workshop once again in our 2017 Workshop.
With a resume of past awards that demonstrate his expressive talents, this year Paul is once again nominated for 2016 Maple Blues Awards as Entertainer of the Year, Electric Act of the Year and Guitarist of the Year and along with his band have made their cd Relentless a blues fan favorite. And not to be forgotten this year was The Paul Deslauriers Band’s trip to the podium in January when he finished second in a competition of over 250 bands in the International Blues Challenge on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. Keeping music at the centre of their hard work and taking it to the people though their long tours does indeed get recognized.

As has been said before in several different ways, Paul Deslauriers is unquestionably one of the purest forms of energy to crash the Hornby Blues Workshop in its history. This Montreal guitarist’s powerhouse smile belies his killer guitar instincts and just when you hear him groove with an easy traditional acoustic, he will crank it up and deliver blues that can rip your face off. Legendary among his students for phrases like “Turn it up to broil” and “Asbestos suits optional.”, Paul has built a solid student following with a wide-ranging knowhow of guitar styling’s and performance techniques. Acoustic or electric, Paul’s the pilot.

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