Hornby Island Blues Workshop

Paul Deslauriers - Guitar

Veteran Hornby Island Blues Instructor Paul Deslauriers returns once again to instruct in our 2019 Workshop. A virtuoso on both electric and acoustic guitars, Paul Deslauriers (pronounced “day-loree-ay”) is part of Canada’s guitar elite and is considered one of Quebec’s guitar masters; but it doesn’t stop there, he’s also a powerful and expressive singer, and an energetic and electrifying performer. Multiple award winner of many Lys Blues and Maple Blues Awards for both his electric and acoustic guitar work as well as for stage performance, he has powered up fans and huge audiences in both Canada and the US. Since 1997 he has fronted the Paul Deslauriers Band with bassist, Greg Morency and the drummer extraordinaire, Sam Harrisson and proudly shown his rock colors and his true to the blues roots. Paul is a master of his art, and as an instructor he brings huge energy and spirit to his instruction. If you are looking for someone to take you on an improvisational journey deep into the history and heart of power blues, or just are one of those players who really wants to learn how to rock out in style, Paul’s your man. Of course, should you be looking for someone to lead you into a modern acoustic blues territory where the older, classical styles derived from New Orleans and Delta, Chicago, and Texas meet, Paul can take you there too. Paul has instructed many times at our Blues Workshop and when he is on the program, the word is to book your classes early as space is limited and his reputation as a gifted teacher proceeds him. So, whatever you are looking for to advance your guitar work, stage presence, or performing attitude, Paul Deslauriers is the touchstone for your journey.

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