Michael Jerome Browne - Guitar

Major Class - Five Basic Keys for Down-Home Blues (E,A,D,G,C)
Intermediate to Advanced. In early blues, guitarists tended to play out of first position, often using the open strings. This meant that every key in standard tuning had a different flavour or colour, unlike a lot of more modern blues, where positions are simply moved up and down the neck when changing keys.
We will explore the five most basic first position keys, using specific songs by classic artists: 
E: Memphis Minnie- Bumble Bee Blues
A: Big Bill Broonzy- Mr. Conductor Man
D: Tommy Johnson- Big Road Blues
G: Mance Lipscomb- Blues In G
C: Robert Johnson- From 4 Until Late

We will also look into improvising in these different keys.
(If we have time we might look into the much rarer keys of B, F and Bb)
A basic knowledge of alternating and single note bass techniques is recommended but not mandatory. Different colours for your palette!