David Vest

Major: Blues Piano
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This is a hands-on workshop. Everyone is welcome, but folks who can already play a bit will get the most out of it. Blues piano playing is fun, and boogie-woogie playing is over-the-top fun, so we'll spend time on both.

Apart from the basics, if you have some specific things you're hoping to learn, you'll get a chance to ask about them and we'll work on them for sure. Otherwise, I will just suggest different patterns for you to play, make sure everyone understands them, and then we'll just jam away.

We'll look at how to play solo and also how to play with others, which includes not only soloing but comping and playing fills and turnarounds.

In addition to your keyboard (and amp if needed), bring some headphones (cheap ones are fine). There may be times when you want to linger over something while the class is doing something else.